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Estmrarya Consulting

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Estmrarya help increase your Resilience .

Estmrarya Consulting is a multi-awards winning Consulting firm specialising in providing Consulting,Training and Innovation in Business Continuity Management, Risk Management , Information Security and Business Resilience to clients in the GCC and beyond.

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Our Services

Organizational Resilience

In highly changeful and uncertain times, organizations are considerably faced with unexpected events such as natural disasters, pandemics or manmade disaster

Business Continuity Management

Aims to analyze and minimize risks that could endanger the organization’s and their effects and to implement effective countermeasures before they occur.

Crisis Management Services

The overall direction of an organization’s response to a disruptive event, in an effective, timely manner, with the goal of avoiding or minimizing damage to the organization’s profitability, reputation, and ability to operate. 

Supply Chain Resilience

Many organizations fail to properly appreciate the risks they face from their suppliers, outsources, partners and agents.

Information Security Management

Preserves the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information by applying a risk management process.

Enterprise Risk Management

A structured, consistent, and continuous process applied across an entire organization that allows companies to better understand and address threats, vulnerabilities and risks.

IT Service Continuity Management

A reactive and proactive process which involves contingency planning for recovery in case the Information and communication technology service is damaged or put out of action by a sudden disaster.

Awareness and Training

Driving constant engagement, empowering individuals and building strong team capability is most effectively achieved by providing an impactful and unforgettable learning experience for participants.

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